Day 3 – Supplements


Today is Day 3. So far it’s better than Day 2. Not feeling so deprived today. And I’m super excited that all of my supplements came in the mail! I’m not going to list exactly how much I’m taking of everything because I am NOT a doctor and don’t want to give anyone any information that could potentially harm them. Every body is different, this particular protocol is tailored for me and my body, and my specific issues.

As you can see above, I am taking quite a few supplements. Most all of them are in liquid or powder form, I was told I could take them all at once so I did. BAD IDEA. I put everything in a glass and filled the glass with water, it was thick and black. I put more water in. BAD IDEA. I put so much water in it I had to drink it in 3 installments, each of which was chased with a lime wedge. It was one of the grossest things I have ever drank. But even though it was fowl, it takes a distant second place to the concoction of Chinese herbs I was given by a Doctor in Chinatown to make into a tea. I literally threw up for 3 days after drinking that tea. No bueno. So next time I think I can handle all of the liquids in one glass but the powders I will put into a smoothie. 6 months of this is definitely not the easy way out, but if I get to keep my thyroid I’ll be happy as a clam.