Day 13 – Eating out at a restaurant that is definitely not vegan

For Mother’s Day, we went to one of the best restaurants in Sedona, Ken’s Creekside. The head chef, Mercer Mohr, is a James Beard Award winner, and really really nice guy. I worked at Ken’s for a year or so when I lived in Sedona. Ironically when I started the job I was vegan, and when I left I was definitely not. I carried so many plates of deliciously smelling meat to people that I eventually broke down and tried everything on the menu. Mercer is an amazing chef, plus the man makes the best bacon I have ever eaten, hands down. The best crab cakes too. And short ribs. And glazed salmon….

Anyways, enough about food that I can’t eat anymore. Mercer always has at least one vegetarian main dish on the menu, this month the dish is Vegan Enchiladas Mole. Since it was vegan, I had to go for it. Only problem is that on my diet, I can’t eat corn. I asked if it was possible to get the meal without the corn tortillas, they were so accommodating they ended up making a special meal just for me. I was floored, that was so nice of them. And I’m not even a mother! I don’t know exactly what to call it, but this is what I got –


Lettuce wrapped veggie deliciousness? I guess that’s close enough. It came with the most garlic-ky kale ever (thank God I love garlic) and some really tasty beans. Yum, yum and yum. I left a gratefully full and happy camper.

And with that awesome meal, my weekend of eating out is over. It’s back to cooking and dishes tomorrow. Sigh. Hopefully I’ll have a recipe that will be good enough to share, or else I will be posting photos of things I’ve made that looked pretty but didn’t taste very good. I’ve got quite a few of those.


Day 12 – Chocolatree

One of the best things about coming home is the lack of cooking I have to do, and dishes I have to clean. My parents really enjoy going out to eat, as do I. Who doesn’t? They are being especially accommodating this trip since I’ve become vegan, and tonight we went to the only vegan restaurant left standing in Sedona, Chocolatree.

Chocolatree is best know for known for their amazing vegan chocolates. They also have a pretty decent menu of raw and cooked vegan food. I’ve only been there twice since they changed owners, but both times I have gotten the same thing, the Sedona 2012. It’s reaaaaallly good. In their own words, it’s a raw tomato wrap filled with hearty quinoa, chunky potatoes, carrots, cilantro, hot sauce, vegan cheese, pico de gallo, honey mustard, and topped with guacamole. The honey mustard is the only thing I really can’t taste, but there’s so much stuff loaded into this wrap, it really doesn’t matter.


Yum! I ate the whole thing, of course. Even though I doubt I can recreate the wrap part, I’m going to do my best to recreate this thing at home. I think I’ll call it the Shauna 2013.

If you’re ever in Sedona, AZ definitely check this place out. They have a cute little garden patio in the back of the restaurant that’s really pretty during the day. And their chocolates are pricey but amazing, you have to at least try one. Or three.