Day 35 – A Weekend of Vegan Treats


The good news is everything I ate this weekend was vegan and gluten-free.

The bad news is not everything was necessarily in my diet plan. But I feel like I need to have at least one weekend a month where I treat myself or I might freak out.

On Friday we went to my favorite Thai restaurant in Tempe, Yupha’s Thai Kitchen. Every time I go to a Thai restaurant, without fail I order Pad Thai. Yupha’s makes the best Pad Thai I’ve ever had, hands down. I usually order it with shrimp, but since I’m vegan now I asked if they could make it with tofu, no egg, and no fish sauce. Thankfully they were very accommodating and I got my vegan Pad Thai.


I have to say, it was good but it just wasn’t the same. I missed the complexity of flavors. This time the sauce just tasted like tamarind. Believe me I still ate the entire thing, but next time I go to Yupha’s, I will order something besides Pad Thai. I’m actually pretty excited to branch out!

For dessert we had Mango with Coconut Sticky Rice, which is my 2nd favorite thing in the world. The waitress assured me it dairy-free. Thank goodness or I would have been very sad.


The best!

Saturday night we went to a new place, Pizza Heaven Bistro in Central Phoenix. I had read on Yelp that it was the only restaurant in Phoenix that had both Vegan Cheese and Gluten-Free crusts. I was beyond excited to try this place – thankfully it didn’t disappoint. I ordered the Super Veggie on a GF crust.


Oh my goodness it was amaaaaazing! It probably wouldn’t have been as amazing to someone who was used to eating regular pizza all the time, but for me it was a real treat. Once again, I ate the entire thing.

As if I wasn’t already full enough from eating that entire pizza, for dessert we ended up at Nami, a vegan dessert cafe also in Central Phoenix. They specialize in “tsoynami”, basically a vegan and healthier version of a DQ blizzard. I ordered an Orange Creamsicle tsoynami, which is pictured at the top of this post. Oh man, it was soooo good. It really tasted like a creamsicle ice cream bar. Then halfway through eating it I realized they Vegan, Gluten-Free and Soy-Free donuts up at the counter. Whaaaat?! I got a lemon donut to go.


Holy Crap. The texture was more like a muffin than a donut but I really didn’t care. I’ve been dreaming of donuts for like 2 months. This hit the spot. I can’t wait to come back next month!


Day 26 is actually Day 27 – Udupi

Apparently I can’t count. I shorted myself, today is really my 27th Day. Ah well. At least I’m one day closer to 365!

Today we went to Udupi, my favorite Indian Restaurant in all of Phoenix. They specialize in South Indian Cuisine, and the restaurant is completely vegetarian. Their lunch buffet is awesome, all of the vegan dishes are labeled so I never have to ask anyone what’s in anything. I wish I could tell you what is on my plate here but honestly besides the rice and the Gobi Manchurian (the red thing in the front – my favorite!), I’m not really sure.


There’s something with potatoes and something with lentils. Oh and there’s coconut chutney. With the buffet they also serve unlimited dosai which are excellent, but we dug into them so fast I forgot to take a picture. Sorry for this fuzzy pic, I don’t know what my camera was focusing on here.

We did ask one of the staff what was in the vegan dessert, Sweet Kesari, and he said didn’t know but I decided to eat it anyway. I was guessing carrot or sweet potato.


The more I ate it I realized it had a polenta-like consistency and I mildly freaked out cause I thought it was some kind of corn dessert. I came home and looked it up and turns out it’s a semolina (wheat) pudding. Woops. Not as bad as corn but I’m not supposed to be eating gluten either. Oh well, it’s not going to kill me. At least now I know not to eat it next time.



Day 7 – Pomegranate Cafe

So far the only thing I really hate about this diet is the insane amount of dishes I seem to amass at the end of the day. At least 20 minutes worth – not cool. We ended up eating out for one meal a day the last 3 days though, which really helped cut down the dish time. Not to mention the cooking time! It’s been a really nice break. 🙂

However, finding satisfying things to eat at a restaurant that fit into my strict diet didn’t exactly work out so well for 2 out of the 3 meals. I definitely cheated a little bit. I still ate all vegan foods but twice I had rice and fried vegetables. I did feel somewhat guilty but I think I would’ve felt even more guilty if I’d eaten any animal products.

Today I didn’t have to feel guilty at all though cause we went to one of the only Vegan restaurants in the Phoenix area, Pomegranate Cafe in Ahwatukee. I really wanted to order the veggie burger (which wouldn’t have been following my diet cause I’m only supposed to eat raw veggies during the day) but as fate would have it, the person in front of us ordered the last one. I took that as a sign, I decided it was time to be good and eat what I was supposed to eat, so I ordered the Raw Nori Rolls.


Yum! They were pretty darn tasty. This is what my plate looked like after I demolished it.


My boyfriend ordered the Green Banditio Burrito and I was kind of jealous cause burritos are one of my favorite things ever. When the year is up and I can eat wheat (sparingly) and cooked veggies during the day I’m definitely getting this.


How good does that tortilla look? Ahhh I’m totally drooling right now. We also got a raw tiramisu that we took home and plan to destroy later. Can’t wait for that! So basically if you’re vegan (or even not vegan) and ever come to Phoenix, definitely give this place a try.

Tonight it’s back to cooking, and dish washing. Sigh. At least I enjoy the cooking part. I’m going to attempt an indian dish again – the last one I made, Chickpea Korma, turned out beyond disgusting. Somehow I saved it by draining all the sauce and throwing a bunch of coconut milk and fresh pineapple into it (chickpeas and pineapple? Weird but not the worst combination). The finished product definitely was NOT anywhere near Chickpea Korma but at least it was edible. Hopefully I’ll have better luck this time. I’ll let you know tomorrow.