Day 30 – The 3 most disappointing moments of my weekend.

Well, I really wanted to post a recipe today but everything I made this weekend just didn’t turn out that great. I get really bummed when I spend forever making something and it turns out just blah.

Saturday night I made Goop’s Un-Caesar with Rosemary & Thyme Croutons.


I LOVE Caesar salad, and the bottom line is this sadly didn’t taste anything like a Caesar Salad. I made the croutons with some leftover Udi’s gluten-free bread that I had in the freezer. As I was making them I realized I hadn’t looked at the ingredients – to my dismay there was egg and corn syrup in the bread. Urgh. I gave my boyfriend the croutons and ended up putting the dressing on some lettuce and veggies for myself. The dressing tasted tart and lemony by itself but on my salad it didn’t taste like anything at all. Disappointment #1.

After I made the salad I decided to make some Watermelon Mint Popsicles. Last week I bought some Tovolo Groovy Ice Pop Molds on and I could not wait to use them. So I made a watermelon smoothie with some fresh watermelon and a little raw honey to sweeten. I snipped some fresh mint into the blended watermelon and then poured it into my molds. I froze them overnight and the next day went to eat one. I don’t know what I did wrong but the watermelon did not freeze right. The texture was weird and flaky and it basically tasted like minty frozen water. At least they look pretty. I have a feeling I will be looking at them in my freezer for awhile. Disappointment #2.


When the popsicles didn’t turn out right I figured I’d try and make some chocolate dipped frozen bananas instead. I followed this recipe from, Chocolate Coconut Oil Covered Bananas. I threw all of the ingredients in my food processor and for whatever reason the raw honey just did not mix with everything else. Unfortunately I didn’t realize this until after I dipped all of the bananas 4 times and saw that all of the honey was still sitting on the bottom. My bananas were covered in a thick coating of unsweetened cocoa powder and oil, iew. Disappointment #3.


So basically I have a freezer full of weird desserts that I probably won’t eat. At least I tried. Hopefully tomorrow I will have a decent recipe to post. And if anyone has any tips on how to make a better watermelon popsicle, please let me know!


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