Day 26 is actually Day 27 – Udupi

Apparently I can’t count. I shorted myself, today is really my 27th Day. Ah well. At least I’m one day closer to 365!

Today we went to Udupi, my favorite Indian Restaurant in all of Phoenix. They specialize in South Indian Cuisine, and the restaurant is completely vegetarian. Their lunch buffet is awesome, all of the vegan dishes are labeled so I never have to ask anyone what’s in anything. I wish I could tell you what is on my plate here but honestly besides the rice and the Gobi Manchurian (the red thing in the front – my favorite!), I’m not really sure.


There’s something with potatoes and something with lentils. Oh and there’s coconut chutney. With the buffet they also serve unlimited dosai which are excellent, but we dug into them so fast I forgot to take a picture. Sorry for this fuzzy pic, I don’t know what my camera was focusing on here.

We did ask one of the staff what was in the vegan dessert, Sweet Kesari, and he said didn’t know but I decided to eat it anyway. I was guessing carrot or sweet potato.


The more I ate it I realized it had a polenta-like consistency and I mildly freaked out cause I thought it was some kind of corn dessert. I came home and looked it up and turns out it’s a semolina (wheat) pudding. Woops. Not as bad as corn but I’m not supposed to be eating gluten either. Oh well, it’s not going to kill me. At least now I know not to eat it next time.




3 thoughts on “Day 26 is actually Day 27 – Udupi

  1. Boy am I glad to have found your blog! I just had my first consult with Anthony today and am on a similar and yet different plan. Vegan, high fruit, low fat, no beans or grains, raw through the day, cooked evening meal…. sluggish thyroid, EBV, adrenals. I will be anxiously reading your posts to follow your success! (and to get meal ideas) 🙂

    • Oh wow, I am glad you found me too!! Sounds like we’re on a VERY similar plan. I haven’t been doing that great avoiding grains and beans yet, I am still working my way into the diet. Since I am cooking for my boyfriend as well it’s been difficult trying to find interesting recipes that he will enjoy eating too – I would feel guilty just giving him a baked potato and steamed veggies every night! Anyways, I am so happy to connect with someone else who is a patient, I look forward to hearing about your progress! Please keep in touch 🙂

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