Day 20 – Chakra 4 herb & tea house


Ok, I was wrong. I thought I knew of every vegetarian restaurant in the Phoenix area and I definitely don’t. I hadn’t checked out in a few years and on Friday decided it was time to do so. I came across 4 restaurants I hadn’t heard of! I was so excited, I’m still excited to check them all out.

Today we went to the first of the 4, Chakra 4 herb & tea house in Central Phoenix. It’s a tiny organic cafe with an herb, tea and crystal shop attached. It kind of reminded us of the Chocolatree in Sedona. The menu wasn’t extremely big, but their tea menu was very very long. Too bad it was 100 degrees today or I would have tried one of their teas.

The prices aren’t listed on the online menu, but everything was pretty expensive. $15 for a vegetable salad is kind of ridiculous, right? I opted for the Johnny Apple Wrap, which was slightly better priced and came with a quinoa pilaf on the side. My boyfriend got The Hercules, basically a black bean burrito, which wasn’t nearly as big as it sounded but he said it was filling. Everything was really good.


That’s my wrap in the foreground, I had it wrapped in gluten-free teff. I’m not so sure we will go back, maybe if we were in the area, but I wouldn’t make a special trip again. I think we’d be more likely to go back if they had better prices.


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