Day 13 – Eating out at a restaurant that is definitely not vegan

For Mother’s Day, we went to one of the best restaurants in Sedona, Ken’s Creekside. The head chef, Mercer Mohr, is a James Beard Award winner, and really really nice guy. I worked at Ken’s for a year or so when I lived in Sedona. Ironically when I started the job I was vegan, and when I left I was definitely not. I carried so many plates of deliciously smelling meat to people that I eventually broke down and tried everything on the menu. Mercer is an amazing chef, plus the man makes the best bacon I have ever eaten, hands down. The best crab cakes too. And short ribs. And glazed salmon….

Anyways, enough about food that I can’t eat anymore. Mercer always has at least one vegetarian main dish on the menu, this month the dish is Vegan Enchiladas Mole. Since it was vegan, I had to go for it. Only problem is that on my diet, I can’t eat corn. I asked if it was possible to get the meal without the corn tortillas, they were so accommodating they ended up making a special meal just for me. I was floored, that was so nice of them. And I’m not even a mother! I don’t know exactly what to call it, but this is what I got –


Lettuce wrapped veggie deliciousness? I guess that’s close enough. It came with the most garlic-ky kale ever (thank God I love garlic) and some really tasty beans. Yum, yum and yum. I left a gratefully full and happy camper.

And with that awesome meal, my weekend of eating out is over. It’s back to cooking and dishes tomorrow. Sigh. Hopefully I’ll have a recipe that will be good enough to share, or else I will be posting photos of things I’ve made that looked pretty but didn’t taste very good. I’ve got quite a few of those.


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