Day 7 – Pomegranate Cafe

So far the only thing I really hate about this diet is the insane amount of dishes I seem to amass at the end of the day. At least 20 minutes worth – not cool. We ended up eating out for one meal a day the last 3 days though, which really helped cut down the dish time. Not to mention the cooking time! It’s been a really nice break. 🙂

However, finding satisfying things to eat at a restaurant that fit into my strict diet didn’t exactly work out so well for 2 out of the 3 meals. I definitely cheated a little bit. I still ate all vegan foods but twice I had rice and fried vegetables. I did feel somewhat guilty but I think I would’ve felt even more guilty if I’d eaten any animal products.

Today I didn’t have to feel guilty at all though cause we went to one of the only Vegan restaurants in the Phoenix area, Pomegranate Cafe in Ahwatukee. I really wanted to order the veggie burger (which wouldn’t have been following my diet cause I’m only supposed to eat raw veggies during the day) but as fate would have it, the person in front of us ordered the last one. I took that as a sign, I decided it was time to be good and eat what I was supposed to eat, so I ordered the Raw Nori Rolls.


Yum! They were pretty darn tasty. This is what my plate looked like after I demolished it.


My boyfriend ordered the Green Banditio Burrito and I was kind of jealous cause burritos are one of my favorite things ever. When the year is up and I can eat wheat (sparingly) and cooked veggies during the day I’m definitely getting this.


How good does that tortilla look? Ahhh I’m totally drooling right now. We also got a raw tiramisu that we took home and plan to destroy later. Can’t wait for that! So basically if you’re vegan (or even not vegan) and ever come to Phoenix, definitely give this place a try.

Tonight it’s back to cooking, and dish washing. Sigh. At least I enjoy the cooking part. I’m going to attempt an indian dish again – the last one I made, Chickpea Korma, turned out beyond disgusting. Somehow I saved it by draining all the sauce and throwing a bunch of coconut milk and fresh pineapple into it (chickpeas and pineapple? Weird but not the worst combination). The finished product definitely was NOT anywhere near Chickpea Korma but at least it was edible. Hopefully I’ll have better luck this time. I’ll let you know tomorrow.



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